Potato Pancakes Topped with an
Asian Pear and Tuna Tartar


Serves 2 (2 pancakes per serving)

The combination of a crisp potato pancake as a base for a topping of a raw tuna tartar, flecked with crispy Asian pears and flavored with Asian seasonings, gives this Sunday Supper dish a fetchingly unctuous appeal. It's light, yet full of unusual flavors. We had this as a first course for a Valentine's Day supper and made the potato pancake into a heart-shaped. Whether you make a special-occasion shape or just make the pancakes roughly round, you'll find this recipe a simple heart-warmer for a light Sunday Supper or hors d'oeuvres.

Tuna Tartar

1 small piece of Ahi tuna (1/2 lb. for a light topping for four 3" round pancakes)
sesame oil
olive oil
chili oil or chili powder
dry mustard
1 Asian pear

Potato Pancakes

2 medium size Russet potatoes
4 TBS butter
salt and pepper to taste