Summer Tacos in Lettuce Cups

Serves 2 persons

As summer begins and it's still light outside when we sit down to Sunday Supper, we prefer meals that are lighter and fresher in flavor and texture and that don't require much time in the kitchen.

This is a classic early summer farmers' market Sunday supper recipe, developed from a bounty of colorful vegetables in the refrigerator after a Saturday morning of shopping at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. A Sunday in early June, we had on hand vibrantly red tomatoes (Bruins Farms), bright yellow squash (Stony Farms), delicate baby carrots (Happy Boys Farms), smoked pheasant (Hoffman Gamebirds), large-leafed butter lettuce (Happy Boys), bunches of pencil-thin green onions and basil (Stony Farms).

Starting with a leaf of butter lettuce instead of a traditional taco shell, we filled it with a combination of raw and cooked (still slightly warm) vegetables and smoked pheasant, drizzled the stuffing with a garlicky basil dressing and rolled it up like a soft taco. We planned only 3 lettuce leaves per person, but we could have easily eaten more because they were so light and tasty.

Have on Hand:

Stuffings: (Use these as general ideas and ad lib depending what's in your refrigerator. Your goal should be to combine an assortment of raw and cooked vegetables as well as warm and cold ones.)

Taco Wrapper:



You can serve all of the ingredients on a big serving platter and have each person select their own combination of stuffings, or arrange the stuffings decoratively in each lettuce cup and serve the pre-assembled tacos on a large platter. In either case, the dressing should be drizzled on just before serving.