Best Ever Turkey Stuffing

For a 20  - 25 lb. turkey

Our family is not fond of traditional, bread-based turkey stuffing.  So each Thanksgiving we try to find a stuffing recipe that's light yet flavorful.  While the stuffings we've had for past Thanksgivings have been tasty, at the end of our dinner we never felt the urge to say “let’s try this one again”. This Thanksgiving's stuffing was different! 

We started with two bags of Jansal Valley brand grains from Sid Wainer's shop in New Bedford, Mass. that were sent to us by friends Mary and Keith Kauppila.  We built our own recipe around this wonderful gift.  It was the best turkey stuffing that we've ever had and we all said "we have to try this one again!”

The portions in the recipe are approximate.  We used it to stuff a 22 lb. turkey and had a lot left to bake in a separate casserole dish alongside the turkey.


1 lb. bag Jansal Valley Wild Organic Rice

 1 lb. bag Jansal Valley Spelt (Farro)

1 ˝ lbs. country sausage meat

5 pears (any variety is fine)

3 medium size bulb fennel

5 TBS candied orange peel

bunch of fresh oregano

bunch of fresh parsley

(I didn't add onions because of  family allergies, but they would be a nice addition.)


(I highly recommend brining the turkey to make the meat moist.)


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