Salt Crust Fish
with "Caprigon Sauce"

Serves 2

Often the simplest preparations turn out to be the best. This Sunday supper is totally effortless to assemble and to cook, yet it's elegant, light and lively. Roasted bulb fennel and roasted sweet onions are perfect accompaniments to the baked fish and take well to the lemony Caprigon Sauce. If you plan to serve the fish with these vegetables, then start them first because they will take about 1 hour to bake while a small whole fish (about 2 lbs.) will take about 40-45 minutes.

Ever heard of "Caprigon Sauce"? Probably not. The name was coined by my husband Bart to describe the sauce I made for this baked fish.

Roasting the vegetables:

Cook the onions and fennel in separate containers so you can easily remove one if it cooks faster than the other:

Preparing the Fish:

Caprigon Sauce:

While the fish is cooking prepare the sauce: