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Simply Roasted Pasta

Serves 2

Nothing could be simpler than "dry" roasting a bunch of asparagus in olive oil and sea salt, a few roma tomatoes and a head of garlic then mixing all these roasted vegetables with some cooked orecchini for a light and living Sunday Supper.

The "dry" roasting technique, which uses just a little olive oil and sea salt, concentrates the natural flavor of the vegetables.

For garlic addicts, puree the roasted garlic with a little hot chicken broth to coat the pasta and roasted vegetables.  If you don't want the all-round flavor of roasted garlic, then mash a few cloves of roasted garlic and toss them into the pasta as accents.   You can also use the roasted cloves as a spread on bread and mix them into a salad dressing to accompany this pasta dish.

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Roasting Asparagus (and other vegetables):

Roasting the Roma Tomatoes:

Roasting the Garlic:

Final Assembly:


  • Peeling Asparagus:   If   I have time, I like to peel the stalk using a vegetable peeler starting from the stem end.  When roasting asparagus, this step is optional, but it's really worth the effort!
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  • Pasta:  We like orecchini ("little ears") for this dish, but any sturdy shape will do.  I have a strong preference for Delverde brand pasta.  It has a superior texture and flavor.
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