Farmers' Market Springtime Pasta Salad

Serves 2

Most of my recipes use ingredients that are readily available or easily substitutable. But not this one. The magic of this dish depends on having Holler Pepper Company's Lemon-Dill Pickled Garlic on hand. You could try using other versions of pickled garlic, but I couldn't vouch for the results. Holler's version is lightly pickled with a hint of lemon and dill. Fortunately, it's available by mail order for those who can't make it to San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market to buy it directly from Roscoe Zuckerman, the producer.

Building on the spring farmers' market celebration theme, we also used Holler's asparagus, Happy Boys baby red and green romaine leaves, Gingrass chicken sausages, and strawberry vinegar made with Harry's berries.

This is a light yet lively dish and it's a very pretty presentation. The red and green romaine leaves around the edge of the bowl mirror flecks of red tomatoes and green asparagus in the pasta salad. It's a celebration of the magic of springtime at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market!

Several hours before:

Just before serving:

Arranging the serving plate:


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