Fragrant Fusion Salmon
(Parchment Wrapped Salmon with Salsa Verde)

Serves 2

We continue to marvel at and enjoy the results we get cooking in parchment paper. The preparation is so easy, there's very little to clean up after dinner and the intensity of flavors that develop by baking in the sealed parchment packet are fetching. Using the same basic technique, you can cook fish, vegetables or meat. The combinations you can create are almost limitless.

This recipe starts with store-bought Salsa Verde and a thick salmon steak -- that's it! The result is an unbelievably intense flavor and a dish that looks elegant for the little work that went into preparing it. We served it with a fragrant Thai rice cooked with chopped fresh basil and cilantro and steamed baby bok choy.

It's a totally fat-free dish that takes only 30 minutes to prepare and that can be made any time of year. If baby bok choy is not available in your area, you can use any green vegetable that can be simply steamed and served without sauce.

I call this fusion style, because it uses a Mexican sauce, it's wrapped in parchment paper in the French-style, and it's served with Thai rice and Chinese baby bok choy -- around the world in one tasty recipe!



  1. Open the heart-shaped paper with the V at the top and spread half the reduced sauce on the right-hand side in roughly the size and shape of your salmon.
  2. Place the salmon on top of the sauce. Lightly salt and pepper the salmon and wrap it.
  3. Place the wrapped salmon packets on a flat cookie sheet for baking.