Edamame and Duck Noodle Soup

serves 2

This is a very simple recipe that makes use of all parts of the duck (the meat, skin and bones).  It uses frozen, shelled edamame (fresh soy beans) that you will find in the freezer section of grocery stores that carry Asian products, a BBQ'd Chinese duck that you buy at a Chinese market and any type of thin noodles (though a Japanese-type noodle give this dish a more Asian flavor).  If you can't find shelled edamame or a Chinese-style BBQ'd duck in your area, this dish is probably not worth the effort to do from scratch (i.e. shelling edamame and barbequing a duck).  But if you can readily find the ingredients, you can whip up a warming "East-meets-East" supper on a chilly Sunday evening.


2 cups shelled, thawed edamame
1/2 BBQ'd Chinese duck
Few slices of fresh ginger
Thin noodles (vermicelli or Japanese noodles)



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