Creamy Roasted Corn Risotto

(Serves 2)

What to do with late-summer corn??? In this recipe, the corn is used in two ways: some whole kernels are incorporated into the cooked risotto to give it added texture and some kernels are creamed with milk to give the risotto a corn-flavored creaminess. Adding to the creaminess is a healthy amount of creamy cheese. It's easy and almost effortless to prepare -- perfect for a leisurely Sunday Supper.

Not very low-cal, but summer's nearly over!


2-3 ears of corn
1 cup raw risotto rice
4 - 4 cups hot chicken broth
cup low-fat milk
cup white wine
1/3 lb. creamy cheese
4 very fresh scallions



Smithfield ham Cooked bacon
Sun-dried tomatoes Tasso