New Year's Resolution Skinny Salmon Pasta

serves 3-4

Most of us make three New Year's resolutions:  (1) to eat healthier and  less fattening food; (2) to eat more foods rich in Omega-3 and (3) to get more exercise.

Here is my adaptation of a recipe that will help you fulfill the first and second resolutions.  The last one is still up to you!

Instead of using all cream for the pasta sauce, I used half cream and half buttermilk (you can also use all buttermilk).  Instead of using all pasta, I mixed the pasta with equal amounts of onion and bulb fennel strips. The result was a lighter dish that was very satisfying, with probably half  the calories.  Curry powder and fresh lemon (juice and zest) give it a lively flavor without being overpowering.

Prepare Onion and Fennel Strips:

Prepare Lemony Curry Sauce:

Cook Pasta:

Broil Salmon:

To Serve:

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