Sunday night is a very special time at our house. It's a time to relax at home and enjoy a leisurely Sunday supper. There's usually time to cook and the refrigerator's well-stocked from marketing at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings where we buy whatever vegetables are in season.

There isn't much planning ahead for Sunday supper and I generally don't follow a recipe.   It's a time to experiment with unique combinations and bold flavors. Most of our Sunday suppers are one-dish meals, served in a shallow bouillabaisse bowl.

Our Sunday suppers have been fun and satisfying and I'd like to share our recipes with you. Proportions listed in the recipes are approximate. Follow your own instincts and palate and use these recipes as general thoughts. Vary them to suit your own style and season.   I'll try to post a new recipe every weekend for your next weekend's Sunday supper.


Ingredients are generally not listed at the beginning of each recipe so you should read through the entire recipe to note any ingredients you might need to buy.


Even if you don't use these particular recipes, you'll find many useful techniques that are adaptable to other recipes.

This is a personal, non-commercial website created by Ditty (Who's Ditty). Let's have fun!

Check in frequently for new recipes!

Latest recipe posted July 28, 2009

Crispy Kale Meatloaf
Pasta is mixed with onion and fennel strips, bathed in a lemony curry sauce and topped with broiled salmon.
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New Year's Resolution Salmon Pasta
Pasta is mixed with onion and fennel strips, bathed in a lemony curry sauce and topped with broiled salmon.
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Herbed Goat Cheese in Zucchini Packet with Red Pepper Coulis
Requires very little cooking -- a perfect summer dish for Sunday lunch or dinner..  PHOTOS
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Lentil and Butternut Squash Salad
Butternut squash cubes lighten up a lentil salad and give the lentils a pleasing sweetness. 
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Turkish Lamb Stew with Eggplant Cream
A slightly spicy stew served over mashed eggplant thickened with béchamel.
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Mexican Pork Salad with Roasted Sweet Potato Planks
This savory salad is worth the effort on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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Salmon (or Trout) with Fennel Five Ways
A time-consuming recipe from a famous Austrian chef.  For a special Sunday supper.
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Upside Down Tomato Tart
A luscious and sweet tomato tart similar to one sold at the marché in St. Tropez.
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Citrus Flavored Seafood Salad
Medium-size prawns, tiny scallops and baby squid are cooked in various citrus sauces and served on a bed of arugula.

Best Ever Turkey Stuffing
Wild organic rice and spelt (farro) are the base for a stuffing that's accented with pears, fennel and candied orange peel.

My San Francisco Cioppino
 My version of this traditional San Francisco dish  uses some non-traditional ingredients.  

Edamame and Duck Noodle Soup
A very simple recipe if you can find frozen, shelled edamame and a BBQ'd Chinese-style duck.  PHOTO

Crusch Alba Pear Bread
Not a typical Sunday Supper recipe, but great for the holidays and Sunday afternoon tea. PHOTO

Curried Turkey Turnovers with Celery Root Bisque 
A pair of recipes for using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  Perfect for a post-Thanksgiving Sunday Supper. PHOTO

Chicken with Lichees PHOTO
"Aromatics", consisting of lemongrass, garlic, shallots and ginger, combine with sweet lichees to give this dish a fetching flavor.  An easy stir fry dish.

Butternut Squash and Thai Coconut Milk Soup (with 3 Thai toppings) PHOTO
You won't find hot chilies in this recipe.  The soup is slightly sweet and the fried shallots, toasted coconut and cilantro toppings give it balance.  Simple and low-cal.

 Braised Cornish Hen with Savoy Cabbage and Cippolini Onions PHOTO
A great recipe when you don't want to spend much time in the kitchen.  Slow braising brings out the fragrance and succulence of the hen and cabbage.

Gazpacho à Vincent
Vincent, a chef a Le Club 55, uses a generous dash of Tabasco  to give a " kick" to his version of this summer soup.

Sweet Potato Wontons PHOTO
Don't relegate sweet potatoes to just Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Enjoy these light and piquant wontons for Sunday Supper or as cocktail party hors d'oeuvres any time of year. 

BBQ Thai Salmon
A "secret" sauce will send your guests begging for this recipe.  Enjoy the salmon as a main dish or in sandwiches for a special occasion.

Pumpkin "Lasagna"
Roasted pumpkin slices are used instead of  pasta to form the layers. Much lighter and easier to make than the traditional Italian lasagna.  Great for vegetarians.

Chestnut and Roasted Fennel Soup
A winter soup that's perfect for an elegant holiday dinner starter or  just for watching chestnuts roast on an open fire.

Sweet Potatoes Galore PHOTO
Not exactly in the theme of Sunday Supper, but some great recipes when sweet potatoes are in season.

Trio of Mediterranean Canapés
Three tasty spreads for toasted baguette slices.  Particularly good for summer cocktail parties, but great any time of year. 

Lemony Fish Brochettes PHOTO
These swordfish  brochettes satisfy a citrus craving after a day in the sun.  Easy to prepare, assemble and cook.

Zucchini Ragoût
Thinly sliced zucchini, baked in a thick tomato sauce, makes an deeply flavored accompaniment to grilled meat.

Doubly Sweet Corn Tarte PHOTO
Make this succulent corn tarte when fresh corn is abundant.  Raw corn kernels are "juiced" to make the filling.

La Campagne Sauce for Grilled Fish
Tomatoes, red onions and capers are the basic ingredients for this simple sauce to accompany grilled fish.

Roasted Tomato Tarte
An easy recipe for a simple summer Sunday supper, picnics or poolside parties.  No baking except for the tarte shell.

Simply Roasted Pasta
Nothing could be simpler than roasting  some asparagus, roma tomatoes and a head of garlic as a topping for "little ears" pasta.

Winter Fish Wrap PHOTO
Red and green cabbage make this a colorful one dish Sunday Supper to perk up anyone's winter doldrums.  Black-eyed peas give it creaminess and cumin gives it excitement.  The fish is wrapped in cabbage leaves and plastic, then steamed.   Ready in 30 minutes. 

Fragrant Fusion Salmon
Around the world in one recipe! A Mexican Salsa Verde and a salmon steak are baked in parchment paper in the French-style (en papillotte) and served with Thai rice and Chinese baby bok choy. Fat-free and very easy to prepare.

Scarlet Ribbons Chinese Noodles PHOTO
A pan-fried cushion of crispy noodles is the base for red pepper ribbons in a classic Chinese sweet and sour sauce.

Salt Crust Baked Fish with Caprigon Sauce
An easy and elegant Sunday supper. The lemony Caprigon Sauce can be used in many other ways. Make it a mainstay of your culinary techniques.

Go Wild with Chiles!
Three recipes for a completely "chile" Sunday Supper. Not for those who can't take the heat!

Creamy Roasted Corn Risotto PHOTO
A puree of roasted corn kernels plus whole kernels and a creamy-type cheese give this risotto dish an totally "creamy" taste and texture. Not low cal, but summer's almost over.

Provençal Baked Vegetables PHOTO
Stuffed onions, tomatoes and round zucchini are staple summer fare in the South of France. Don't be intimidated by the length of the recipe.

Take-a-Hike Lamb Shanks (with mint and garlic gremolata)
No need to be home while this dish cooks if your oven has a delayed start and timer. Take a hike and it'll be ready when you get back!

Farmers' Market Springtime Pasta Salad
Light and lively. Perfect for picnics. But you'll need a special lemon-dill pickled garlic to create the magic.

Oxtail Patties
A lot of work, but worth the effort if you're a fan of the luscious flavor of oxtail..

Rotelle with a Smoky Twist
This hearty pasta is infused with a rich tomato sauce, accented with chipotles which give it an unusual spicy and smoky flavor.

Potato Pancakes Topped with and Asian Pear and Tuna Tartar
A crispy potato pancake is the base for an Asian-flavored tuna tartar. The pancakes can be made into holiday shapes (hearts for Valentine's Day, etc.)

Tarte Tropézienne PHOTO
A rich brioche pastry is formed into a tarte and filled with a vanilla-flavored custard and fresh strawberries or raspberries. A lot of work, but worth the effort -- decadently delicious!

Wild Duck Breast with Pomegranate-Currant Sauce on Braised Cabbage and Caramelized Apples
Succulent cabbage and caramelized apples provide a perfect foil to the dark and meaty wild duck breast with a tangy sauce made with a reduction of fresh pomegranate juice.

Butternut Squash Tortellini with Sage-Brown Butter Sauce and Walnuts (ILLUSTRATIONS)
Tortellini that's full of the spirit of Fall! Pureed butternut squash, seasoned with nutmeg and almond extract is the tortellini stuffing. Recipe includes a lot of instruction on techniques.

Tricolor Asian Noodles and Spicy Seafood Sauce
Asian-style noodles are mixed with shredded carrots julienned green onions and topped with a zippy seafood sauce flavored with Thai spices.

Fig and Sweet Onion Casserole PHOTO
Fresh black or green figs harmonize with sweet onions in this savory side-dish that's great with grilled sweet sausages.

End-of-Summer Vegetable Extravaganza
Ideas and tips on making an impromptu Italian-style vegetable "antipasto" that's hearty enough to be a main dish.

Gabi's Fruit Tart ("Der Kuchen von Gabi")
This is the epitome of "Gemütlichkeit". Try it on a Sunday afternoon!

Corn Pancakes and Smoked Salmon
Tired of eating plain corn-on-the-cob? Here's an easy recipe that transforms raw corn kernels into light corn pancakes.

Summer Tacos in Lettuce Cups
A light and easy finger food that uses lettuce leaves instead of taco shells to hold a vegetarian stuffing.

Dr. Shi's Fragrant Spareribs
A secret recipe revealed! You won't be satisfied with any other sparerib recipe after trying this one. Ribs are slowly baked in a rich, dark sauce flavored with Chinese five-spices powder. Finger-licking good.

A Thousand Layers of Fish
Layers of fish, tomatoes and lemons that are separated with lettuce leaves in "lasagna" style. Cooks slowly in a deep square casserole dish. Easy to assemble.

Le Club 55's "Mille-Feuilles de Poisson"
The is the authentic St. Tropez version of "A Thousand Layers of Fish", direct from the chef who invented it.

Surprises in Parchment Paper PHOTO
Cooking in parchment paper intensifies the flavor of foods and allows for easy clean up. Many recipe ideas are included.

Spicy Asian Pesto
This unusual version of the classic basil pesto uses cilantro and jalapeno peppers. Recipe includes many ways to use it.

Italian-Style Stuffed Jumbo Artichokes
What to do with those gigantic artichokes you see in the market? Stuff them and make a whole meal of it.

Ethereal Cassoulet
Not the typical stick-to-your ribs version. Fresh fava beans, floating in a rich broth topped with crispy duck morsels make this ethereal! A time-consuming recipe if you make all the ingredients from scratch. Short-cuts are suggested.

Broccoli Rabe Polenta Lasagna
An ambitious recipe. But if you're a broccoli rabe fan, you'll find it well worth the effort.

Mediterranean Sushi
A perfect hors d'oeuvres recipe when cheese and crackers just won't do. Make up you own creative combinations using recommended stuffings, wrappers and sauces. Don't be intimidated. It's easy once you develop the technique for rolling the sushi.

Saffron Risotto Topped with Braised Fennel and Nuked Prawns
Braising bulb fennel brings out its sweetness, which blends beautifully with a pungent saffron rice and garlicky prawns.

Orange-Flavored Onion Confit
Everyone should have a few jars of this onion "jam" on hand to jazz up sandwiches and to give to friends.

Orange Chicken and Yellow Beet Salad
A beet preparation that 's sure to please (and fool) even the most die-hard beet hater.

Fall Butternut Squash Risotto PHOTO
Sweet butternut squash mixed into risotto rice are a golden combination in this recipe.

Stone Soup
Recycle leftover lobster and crab shells to make a thick and spicy winter soup.

Mint-Cured Salmon Pasta
A simple recipe that starts the salmon curing on Friday evening for Sunday supper.

Sautéed Quail, Arugula and Pomegranate Salad
Looking for a recipe to use pomegranates ? Here's a creative one that uses a reduction of pomegranate juice and sugar to season the quail and pomegranate seeds to add sparkle to an arugula salad.

Moroccan Chicken Paella
Home-made Moroccan-style preserved lemons give this dish an unusual twist.

Tomato-Vegetable Sauce for Grilled Veal Chops and Polenta Squares
The tomato sauce, flavored with pickled garlic and green olives, has a mild vinegary bite. Use the sauce on pasta without the veal chop.

Picante Pork and Potato Stew
A winter stew that cooks slowly in a crock pot and is thickened with lots of yellow onions that cook with the stew.

Bart's Pear and Hot Potato Salad with Grilled Chicken-Apple Sausages
Make this lukewarm salad when pears are in season, using equal amounts of pears and potatoes. A gorgonzola dressing rounds out the flavors.

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